Disorderly and Beloved Garden


This morning Mr. Glad and I sat eating our Power Pancakes together, looking out the window at a fat robin who was hopping and flying around the garden.



Patty’s Plum poppy


I could see that there are enough sweet peas to make bouquets for eight neighbors, if I would pick them. The seed beds where I planted hyssop and fennel early in the week need sprinkling.

And the south side of the yard is a jungle! For most of our sojourn here it has been a nuisance getting water to that area, because of having only one faucet and the difficulty of dragging a heavy hose to and fro without smashing plants.

campanula and rhododendron

Last fall we installed automatic irrigation, and the plants that had learned to do with intermittent drought are loving the new normal and are having the time of their lives.

Today I will go out and pull up the lamb’s ears that have grown into the path, and trim back the valerian flowers from the same path. I don’t want to touch the campanula yet, as it’s in its glory.

yellow helianthemum w pincushion

The yellow helianthemum that grows now in the middle of the pincushion flowers, well, it has surprised me by blooming for a few weeks so far.

That makes four helianthema (doesn’t it make sense to call the plural that?) in our garden: yellow, red, pink, and orange. None of the others bloomed as long as this yellow one, but next time they show their flowers I’ll take pictures so that I can write one blog post about the lot of them.


I picked one giant bouquet of the sweet peas for my next-door neighbor. She said that she has been noticing them coming over the fence, and that she and her granddaughter have been drying flowers to make greeting cards. I could see the gleam in her eye as she contemplated all the pretty flowers in that bunch.

As for me, I’m not being at all crafty these days, unless you count the neverending creating of order and space indoors and out. Lots of out-of-the-ordinary things are coming up for the two of us in the next few months, and taking some amount of time and mental effort in preparation. It all makes me treasure today, when I can be home and pull some ordinary weeds.

7 thoughts on “Disorderly and Beloved Garden

  1. I love your gardens. You have so many different kinds of lovely flowers that I just can’t grow. I have always wanted to, but the heat just kills the poor things and then never get to bloom. How nice that you have enough sweet peas to deliver to the neighbors. I wish I was your neighbor. 🙂
    There is something so comforting about just pulling weeds. I hope all of your flowers last and last.


  2. “Earth laughs in flowers.”

    ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Here is a “seed” quote for your quote garden!
    I’ve enjoyed becoming acquainted with you.


  3. I love the tumbled look – the abundance – of your garden. I haven’t had much luck with sweet peas – yours are gorgeous. Isn’t it nice to be able to share?


  4. I love seeing what’s springing forth in your garden. This year I planted some climbing peas and I see they are just up. I hope they look as pretty as yours do one day.


  5. Your sweet peas are astounding! They look like a mighty bouquet right there against the fence. I haven’t a flower garden really, so I will thoroughly enjoy yours!


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