Friends and Gifts

The garden is so appealing at this time of year. It’s satisfying to clean things up and trim bushes. I bought some chrysanthemums and snapdragons so I’ll be ready when the zinnias fade…but until then, I don’t know what to do with them. Maybe I was too hasty.

I spent quite a mantis 9-11-14while in the hot sun on Friday and Saturday, enjoying the pungent smell of the santolina that I was shearing down to stubs. It reminds me of the sagebrush of the desert or the bushes that grow at the beach. I met this mantis there. After I studied him and followed him for a while I had to get back to work, and I couldn’t notice if he went into the lavender or the rosemary, both of which had more hiding places remaining. I wonder which herby scent he likes best?

Mexican Evening Primrose

I cleaned up the bed where the Mexican Evening Primrose grows, hoping that it will look like this again next spring. It’s a great plant for dry California summers, only needing water a couple of times all summer long.

My friends and relations have been so good to me lately. I recently told you about Garden P1110326Doll who was a gift from my goddaughter. Last month another good friend went to South Carolina and brought me back an Appalachian story-telling doll, who is Little Red Riding Hood, the grandmother and the wolf all in one doll, if you just turn it upside down or switch the bonnet around. I can’t wait to show her/them to the little grandchildren.


My Dear Pennsylvania Cousin and I had been talking about Rumer Godden’s books, when she discovered this copy of The Mousewife on her shelf, and promptly mailed it to me. I read the story last night and — what a blessing! I may never have read that one otherwise, because the blurb I saw about the story made me think ill of the mousewife. Instead, I found her to be nothing less than a kindred spirit and an inspiring example.

Dolls and books, friends and flowers — sounds pretty typical for me, maybe. But no, each encounter has been a unique anP1110327d new treat. I guess I couldn’t tell you about all of the things I’m thankful for recently, or I’d be writing all day to do them justice. And I like to take some time to browse the good things in other blogs, too.

Which reminds me: I’m pretty sure there are people reading my blog who never comment, and maybe some of you have your own blogs that I don’t know about? If so, please tell me sometime! And to everyone: May your week be full of pleasant encounters with unique gifts.

5 thoughts on “Friends and Gifts

  1. Gardening, reading, dolls . . . all lovely pursuits. My mom loved dolls too. Not sure why it didn’t get passed on to her three daughters! But I can appreciate them nonetheless. Your storytelling doll sounds like fun. Something to share with grandchildren! Have you read Miss Plum by Rumer Godden? I cannot remember if you have mentioned that. Dolls are a big part of the story.


  2. The storytelling doll is such a clever idea! Now you’ve piqued my interest about that book. I only have one of Rumer’s books and a long line of books in front of it. I think half the fun of books is knowing you’ll never run out of good things to look forward to reading! I really don’t know anybody in my area who loves to read the type of books I like. That’s why blogging is such a blessing. I’ve met so many wonderful people (like you!) who are kindred spirits in that way. l loved the comment you left on my blog. Yes, I keep buying more books. They just don’t seem to fit in the clutter category! Wherever I live I’ll always have bookshelves full of books! 🙂


  3. I confess to being one of those who often visit your blog, enjoy it, but don’t comment.

    Your pink Evening Primrose is lovely.


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