sage & rain 9-11-14

Just hours after my last post, my prayer for rain, showers did fall on us. I knew that there had been a weatherman’s chance of that in addition to our hope. P.G., as the Irish say, Please God, there will be a dampening in those places that need it most, to retard the incendiary possibilities!

When I drew the blinds this morning, a hummingbird was feeding at the Mexican Bush Sage, but when I went to get my camera he must have gone home and got the message that it’s too wet right now for that, because he never would come back. But he will, and a passel of relations with him, because they love this sage.

I’ve been wanting to take a picture of our bush that is humongous this summer. It only came into full bloom within the last week or so, but it will keep going until Christmas and beyond. It’s a plant whose stems must be cut to the ground every winter, and then this happens! Without being irrigated, I might say. Not long ago I included it here in a list of drought-tolerant plants.

So thankful for a rainy day, even if it doesn’t register on the rain gauge. A friend is bringing Indian food for lunch today – and doesn’t that sound perfect?

sage w cross 9-11-14

8 thoughts on “Rainyness

  1. The Mexican Bush Sage is beautiful! Did you mean to link to your previous post on drought-tolerant plants? If so, methinks it didn’t take? I enjoy your blog.


  2. We were blessed with a good shower this morning in OK. Refreshed, the red dirt settled and all was bright enough to put on sun screen and head out the door, leaving all attempts at organization behind. The Rose of Sharon is in bloom.


  3. A few hours after posting this, I looked at the title and thought, That must be the wrong way to spell the word. So I looked it up to be sure, and changed it to Raininess, and then I changed it back to the Wrong Way, because the right way didn’t seem to truly be right for my feeling. What is happening to me?!


  4. What kind of Indian food? We had the Trader Joe’s masala burgers for lunch today and I made lentils and rice to go on the side.

    I have a huge sage, too…I’ll have to take a picture, the leaves are much wider. It will flower, but usually in the fall. Today, I saw some chickadees and finches eating the seeds on the dry buds of the Jerusalem artichoke.


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