He feeled okay.

This conversation occurred a couple of years ago between a friend and her little boy who is now in Kindergarten; I waited this long share it because I kept forgetting to ask his mom if I might. I’ve posted the whole interview, but if you want to see pictures of him and all his brothers, here is a link to the original post. Her blog is more charming every day, because another baby has been added to the family, bringing the total number of cute blond boys to four and increasing the entertainment value and joy of her postings that were already wonderfully heartwarming.

“Zeke, who did you play with today at your class?” 
“I didn’t play with anybody. I just played all by myself.” 
“The whole time?” 
“Yeah, the whole time. Nobody even played with me.
Them just playing with other people.” 
“Did that make you feel sad, or did you feel okay?” 
“I feeled okay. 
Because God is always with me, 
so even if I play all by myself, 
God is with me, 

so it’s okay.”

Zeke’s mom says that he is still her thankful/dramatic child.

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