wet and comfortable

I need a wood fire for something more than warmth today. The storm brought to us by the Pineapple Express weather front is dumping buckets of rain steadily all day and night, but without cold temperatures. Last night as Mr. Glad and I were decorating our Christmas tree we actually got way too hot from the blaze I had going — of course that just gave us an excuse to go outdoors and cool off on the front steps, and smell the rain.

This morning is just as warm, but after discussing the principles of Want vs. Need with myself, also covering the question of Wastefulness, I came to some conclusions.

1) If the fire in our woodstove puts out more heat than we need, we can leave some windows open to the music of raindrops and puddles, a concert we have been longing to attend for what seems like ages.

2) If I have the soul-nourishing comfort of a wood fire to keep me busy and to remind me of the goodness of God and our life here on earth, I won’t feel the need to fortify myself with the cookies I am planning to bake today. If those cookies were to go to my waist it would surely be a waste!

3) I’m reminded of the need to resist the exaltation of the principles of Efficiency and Economy. What may look to some people like waste of resources might be a very wise choice. Besides, I don’t live my life by principles but by the Life of God.

I wish I could take a picture of the sounds and smells around me this moment, but I’ll have to make do with one from my files, from a time when we had not only a toasty fire, but sweet cats on the hearth.

zoe by fire

8 thoughts on “wet and comfortable

  1. Ahhhh. I agree with the principles of economy and efficiency being subordinate to greater meaning. It sounds wonderful. The one thing I miss most in our home is a wood stove. That said we are enjoying this storm by having hours of uninterrupted imaginative play. I parked myself in the garage with a book almost two hours ago and my small people been happy and busy with almost no input from me.

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  2. There’s nothing like the heat and merry crackling of a woodstove! We heated totally with a woodstove up until 3 years ago. I actually enjoyed going out with my hubby to chop and bring in a pile of wood. I’m the one who got up in the middle of the night to restoke the stove, but I didn’t really mind. The wood gathering was a good excuse to get outside and tramp around in the snow! “Soul nourishing” is a good way to put it. πŸ™‚

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  3. Good thinking! I agree particularly with #3. Often I find myself micro-managing myself with principles, and forgetting that I am free to live by the Spirit, and not legalize myself to death πŸ™‚ For some reason I felt strongly that you need a snoozy chocolate labrador, sleeping in front of that fire πŸ™‚


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