A month later… the cake.

I just realized it is the one-month anniversary of my birthday. That is a bit odd to take note of, except that it gives me a chance to show you the cake that Kate made for me. It was a flourless chocolate cake, which she had baked before, but the recipe was for a smaller springform pan than I had here. So she increased the recipe and made a giant cake, considering how rich it was. All the 15 people who were here for our anniversary party (which was also my birthday party) could not finish it, and it was enjoyed by several liberal-minded people for another week, as breakfast.

G b.d. cake 15 crp

The girls did not want ask the person whom they were celebrating where they might find birthday candles, so they made do with my cute (giant) gumdrop-shaped candles they discovered. That made me happy remembering the cakes I made for the children when they were young, and very often decorated with gumdrop candies, because that was special and very easy.

It also made me think it funny the way things have evolved, that I keep birthday candles in a different place, clear across the house, from all the other candles.

9 thoughts on “A month later… the cake.

  1. I admit I did wonder about not hearing about your bday as being unusual. Considering the unusual time your household was experiencing I remember hinting in a comment but left it at that.
    It feels like more than a month ago.
    Chocolate is good for you!

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