wandering in dreams

The following paragraph comes at the end of Part I of David Bentley Hart’s The Experience of God: Being, Consciousness, Bliss. Perhaps some readers wonder why he didn’t make a stronger case for the theistic point of view while he was comparing humans’ pictures of the world; here he explains:

…as I have begun to grow somewhat older than I really want to be, I have also begun to vest less faith in certain forms of argument, or at least in their power to persuade the unwilling, and more in certain sorts of experience — certain ways of encountering reality, to phrase the matter with infuriating vagueness. My chief desire is to show that what is most mysterious and most exalted is also that which, strangely enough, turns out to be most ordinary and nearest to hand, and that what is most glorious in its transcendence is also that which is humblest in its wonderful immediacy, and that we know far more than we are usually aware of knowing, in large part because we labor to forget what is laid out before us in every moment, and because we spend so much of our lives wandering in dreams, in a deep but fitful sleep. 

–David Bentley Hart

6 thoughts on “wandering in dreams

  1. Oh my, that’s quite a quote. I know I am only just discovering what I have been so unaware of knowing . . . and I see others around me who have no idea there is vastly more there to know; how can we begin if we don’t even realize there is anything there beyond the near horizon of our own little vision? I am constantly praying for epiphanies for myself and others . . .

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  2. I just let my eyes stray to your currently reading. How is Call the Midwife? I have been thinking of getting that book. So I will ask you your opinion. Is it worth the time?


    1. Oh, yes, I like it very much. I never watched a whole TV episode, but I’m sure the books are much better, and would add to the enjoyment of people who have seen the show – there’s a lot of historical and medical detail, especially fascinating for anyone who’s ever given birth. And the storytelling is excellent.


  3. Wonderful! To have someone pick out from a whole field of words the ones that I needed at just this moment , and wiil need at many moments from now on, is a blessing.


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