Transfiguration candles 8-6-15

On the Mountain
You were Transfigured,
O Christ God,
And Your disciples beheld Your glory
as far as they could see it;
So that when they would behold
You crucified,
They would understand that
Your suffering was voluntary,
And would proclaim to the world,
That You are truly
the Radiance of the Father!

Today is the Feast of the Transfiguratransfiguration_icon_by_bombadyltion of Christ on Mt. Tabor. Two years ago I wrote about honey and how it figures in this feast – if you’d like to think on that sweet subject for a few minutes and see lovely photos check it out again.

This morning I mostly took pictures of the garden bounty that people brought to church as representatives of the fruits of the earth for which we count on God’s blessing every day.

May Christ light up your life.

3 thoughts on “Radiance

    1. This morning, my priest spoke about what it means for US to be transfigured, in His image. How we make choices we hope are good, and do good things, but we do know that our motives are mixed. So we pray and hope that as we go along, we will become more like Him because we keep focusing on that; we keep choosing the good, to the best of our ability, and we trust God that we are, in fact, becoming transfigured, ourselves. Well, I’m banking on it, I would say.

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  1. I had never made the connection until this year between the stories of Moses, Elijah, and the Transfiguration story. Hearing all of those readings together made something “click” and I am so very grateful for the Orthodox Church and how the Liturgy helps us to understand scripture at a different level.

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