smoky sun

Wildfires are burning all over California. I don’t follow them very closely in the news with my mind…but there is a vague unease in my heart when I am daily reminded of this terror and destruction. Some of those times are in church when we pray that God would deliver us from fire, tribulation, the sword, etc. I know this is also a problem in Canada and in the eastern U.S., but you will forgive me if I am even worse at keeping track of burnings farther away.P1010160 sun smoke 8-7-15

Twice in the last two weeks I was driving back from Pearl’s in Davis just before sundown, and both times I stopped to take pictures of the sun through the smoke. This unedited image from tonight is a strong reminder that the conflagrations continue — but it is also eerily beautiful.

5 thoughts on “smoky sun

  1. It’s so disheartening to see the countryside burn up, but you’re right — the pink sun and moon is eerily beautiful. Hoping the rains fall and change everything.

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  2. Dear Gretchen Joanna, you know how technically incompetent I am, and how very long it has taken me to update to your new blog, and here I am, having spent last night catching up on your year, and what a year. Oh my dear, do know how very, very much I want to travel those thousands of miles and wrap you in a very big hug. I am so glad you are surrounded by your gorgeous children and grand children who are clearly looking after you, but there are some roads that essentially you must travel alone.

    I am so sorry that this is the chapter of your life where you must come to terms with death and grief and being alone. But you have spent the whole of your life learning to live well, and I know you will be able to do this too. I am full of admiration for your determination to remain in the world of the living, connecting with your family and friends and starting new projects. I know for sure that you don’t feel you are amazing, I am sure you feel like you are miserably muddling along, but your words provide a picture of someone always reaching for the light.

    Much love winging your way from Tasmania xx

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  3. It has always been difficult to acknowledge the Cal fires as natural phenomena. Especially this year of four blood moons, Sept.28th the 4th. It was also beautiful and eerie to view Venus and Jupiter last month, some star gazers I know called it the star of Bethlehem. It hadn’t been seen like that in 2000 yrs.

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