Snowdrops are up!


These are the old snowdrops, neglected and ignored and scraped over for many months. Forgotten, really. Gravel was piled on top, and succulents planted around, but with the rain the snowdrop plants sprang up, saying, “We are still here, and have come out to decorate your new garden.”

8 thoughts on “Snowdrops are up!

  1. We are very blessed aren’t we? We have surprises coming up in our gardens while some people are under snow. I love your snowdrops. What I find so amazing is bulbs. As I get older I notice things I never had time for when I was younger. I am glad no one lives very close to me, I am out there talking to my bulbs. 🙂 Your yard is just gorgeous.


  2. i was JUST reading about these!!! i had never heard of them before. i was doing some reading up on the Feast of St. Brigid and Candlemas (the Presentation) and found this on a website:

    Snowdrops (galanthas nivalis) are known as Candlemas Bells because they often bloom early in the year, even before Candlemas. Some varieties bloom all winter (in the northern hemisphere). The superstitious used to believe that these flowers should not be brought into the house prior to Candlemas. However, it is also believed in more recent times that these flowers purify a home.

    According to folklore, an angel helped these Candlemas bells to bloom and pointed them as a sign of hope to Eve, who wept in repentance and in despair over the cold and death that entered the world. Many Christians see the flower as a symbol of Jesus Christ being this hope for the world. Candles that are lit during Candlemas also symbolize Jesus as the “light of the world”.

    i haven’t been blogging for a while, but i’m starting up again. . .


    1. Thank you, Heather, for all the interesting lore around Candlemas – The beginning of February is rich with tradition, it turns out. This year was also a first for me, making Irish food on St. Brigid’s Day, and I read that Feb 1 because of her is called the Celtic Spring — you probably learned that, too. I didn’t know anything about the snowdrops connection, but now I can link them to The Presentation of Christ and I’ll plan next year to bring some into the house for that day!


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