Looking down at the skies.

Today we have showers, for which I am especially and lazily thankful because I’m really not ready to go out and start garden work. Next week is soon enough for that; today I will be reading by the fire. But first, a final look at the rain from G.K. Chesterton:

And indeed this is the last and not the least gracious of the casual works of magic wrought by rain: that while it decreases light, yet it doubles it. If it dims the sky, it brightens the earth. It gives the roads (to the sympathetic eye) something of the beauty of Venice. Shallow lakes of water reiterate every detail of earth and sky; we dwell in a double universe. Sometimes walking upon bare and lustrous pavements, wet under numerous lamps, a man seems a black blot on all that golden looking-glass, and could fancy he gl mini rose w rain 5-10was flying in a yellow sky. But wherever trees and towns hang head downwards in a pigmy puddle, the sense of Celestial topsy-turvydom is the same. This bright, wet, dazzling confusion of shape and shadow, of reality and reflection, will appeal strongly to any one with the transcendental instinct about this dreamy and dual life of ours. It will always give a man the strange sense of looking down at the skies.

From “The Romantic in the Rain.”

9 thoughts on “Looking down at the skies.

  1. In this valley, after a rain, the sunny sky is brilliant! Everything sparkles and is lit up almost to the point of pain while looking. Those are my favorite days…well, truth be told, today is my favorite day, whatever it brings.


  2. We’ve been having some good days of warmer weather and sunshine, but in NE Ohio the winter is not over by any means! A day reading by the fire sounds delightful! I sometimes wonder, when longing for spring is satisfied by its arrival, how I could have forgotten all the extra work that brings!


    1. Kristi, I am feeling a great ambivalence myself, with weeds as well as buds coming out, trees needing pruning, etc, and me feeling very wintry sit-by-the-fire-ish. Spring, don’t come yet! I’m not ready for you!


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