Rain stops and glowing begins.



When the rain stopped this afternoon, I went down by the creek that is now carrying twice as much water as yesterday. The sky had unburdened itself of blackness and allowed some light. Every leaf of whatever color, whether new-green or fallen, alive or dead, glowed.

7 thoughts on “Rain stops and glowing begins.

  1. This is the sort of glowing color that I love. I’m thankful that you’ve had some rain, to heighten the beauty of autumn’s gift. Personally, I could do with a llittle less dust in the air, but it’s the height of the soybean and milo harvest in Kansas, and those combines do what they will do. For the farmers’ sakes, it’s worth putting up with the irritation (in every sense) of dust. The last thing they need right now is rain. Enjoy yours!


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