Heralds and singers all day long.

On the church calendar, we are still in Pentecost, that 50-day period between Easter/Pascha and Pentecost. We even take note of Mid-Pentecost, which was last week.

Of course, it’s never inappropriate to remind one another that “Christ is risen!” but during these weeks we make a special point of it and try to remember, instead of “Hello!” to greet one another with those words of joy and hope. For truly His resurrection from the dead, His overcoming of death, shows the power of God to deliver us from our own patches of darkness, no matter how impossibly deep and cold the current “grave” we find ourselves in.

Last night a robin came around to chirp the falling of dusk to me, “my” robin who always seems to be sent as an emissary from the Father – or more precisely, a herald: Gretchen, remember, God is here with you! I forgot to tell you that in my hotel in Atlanta earlier this month, the night when I was staying alone, a robin chirped right outside my ground-floor window just before darkness and a rainstorm.

This morning I woke to birdsong floating in from the garden and the trees. As I made my bed I joined in with them and sang a meditative version of the hymn, “Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tombs bestowing Life.”

Next week will be the Leave-taking of Pascha, after which we will focus on the Ascension of Christ. At Vespers the evening before, we will sing all those rousing Paschal choruses for the last time liturgically. I know the little sorrows and worries, confusing thoughts and maybe even some big heartaches won’t disappear from my earthly life, and I will want to keep singing these re-orienting melodies of Christ’s transforming Life.

I’m counting on the birds to be my helpers.

7 thoughts on “Heralds and singers all day long.

  1. It’s only been in the last couple of years that I realized that the cheerful, fruity, chirping that I loved so much belonged to a robin! I enjoy them so much early in the morning and again in the evening. I’ve never been able to sing “around the house” like some folks do. I just draw a blank when it comes to lyrics. I’ll have to make a point of picking up my guitar (which I haven’t played in years) and learning a few worship songs, even if I need a cheat sheet. 😉 He is Risen indeed!

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  2. I just returned from my weekly visit with Nadezhda Vasilievna, 93, legally blind, disabled, living alone in the semi-rural home she and her husband purchased 50+ years ago, many trees broken down now, shrubs overgrown, deer and small critters visiting regularly. As I left I heard a beautiful bird call in the yard, high pitched and lively. I stepped back to the kitchen screen door and told Nadia about it (she sits in her kitchen most of the day). She answered cheerily, “Yes, I know. They are talking to me. I answer them, cheep cheep cheerio cheep.” I left with a little song in mind so I could try communicating with the birds. They are encouraging all of us to pray.

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