Two books of summer.

I hope my readers will enjoy a revisiting of these books I reviewed three years ago. I didn’t say so at the time, but we had recently found out that summer that my husband was dying of cancer.

Gladsome Lights

Tove Jansson is an author I only recently became acquainted with on Anna’s Peacocks and Sunflowers blog. The way Anna wrote about Jansson’s books makes you want to go to a Finnish island with a few volumes of this writer’s work in your suitcase. In the summer, naturally. It’s going to take me a long time to tell all I want about two little books, so if you are jealous of your last hours and days of summer, don’t waste them here. Come back later, in the winter perhaps, and go play outdoors now!

As soon as I learned about Tove Jansson I visited my local library and came home with a couple of books, to look at briefly to see if I wanted to order them. When I try to read borrowed books I feel the time pressure so heavily it too often squelches my interest and I end…

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7 thoughts on “Two books of summer.

  1. Those both sound wonderful! I like quirky — frank answers to odd questions, and especially life on an island. Maybe I read your post before, probably … but my memory is so poor, I’d forgotten. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll go put the author’s name on my “wish list.”


  2. I didn’t think I’d be patient enough for the books. However, when I read this article and saw the illustrations, I was charmed. And it was very interesting to read about her life. It just might be that the Moomins could provide some relief from current events.

    I did enjoy reading about the young girl’s reaction to the storm. When I posted my “coming storm” photo recently, several readers confessed to loving both the approach and the experience of a good storm. They are exciting — something is happening!


  3. I remember you mentioning it, so I bought it (the summer one) and it’s on my iPad so I revisit it now and then. I wanted it to remind me of childhood island summer stays, but my mom was the boss of those and she paid very close attention to her five children at all times! Ha! I do imagine how much fun it would be to live on an island. I love Gladys Taber’s My Own Cape Cod for that reason.


  4. I read parts the Summer Book with a group of sixth graders a few years back. It definitely made an impression. I just checked out the Moonintroll books at your recommendation, they sound like something I would love.


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