Late summer creek with cat.

It’s been cold, my last few walks. I try to walk two miles in the morning, and two in the evening. The creeks have little water left in them, but as they continue to dry up, and as the grasses and reeds crisp up and wilt and lie down in the bed for winter, they give their summer sweetness to me who am walking past. I can’t hold on to it any better than they do.

12 thoughts on “Late summer creek with cat.

  1. The weather here is about to change too. Rain is in the forecast, a bit too late to do much good, but still we welcome it. These past days when I’ve walked in the park I’ve tried to identify the scent. I think it’s leaves but whatever it is is not unpleasant.


  2. I love this picture. It really captures the softness landscapes everywhere take on in September. You can almost smell the fragrance. And I bet the insects are big and loud, too.

    Impressive that you are walking 4 miles every day, too!


  3. She is cute. There are a couple of cats in the morning when I walk the dog and it’s very funny how they try to be as stealth as possible to avoid being detected by him. Well done for walking. x

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