Staying with the moon.

Thinking back on what happened early this morning, I’m all at once surprised, pleased, and disappointed, that I didn’t take a picture. The fact that the idea did not occur to me shows how the moon was saturating my soul with its bright reality, leaving no entrance for something as intangible as the future with its theoretical possibilities.

A night or two previous, I had caught a brief glimpse through my bedroom window of the moon waxing gibbous. But it was 4:30 a.m., and my eyes soon closed again in sleep. Last night before climbing in to bed, I saw on the Moon Phases app on my phone that the moon was full! Might I see it again, I wondered? Would I wake at the right time, or would clouds hide it from me? Several times I did wake, and saw only the blank, midnight blue sky.

But around six o’clock, I sat up to find the moon shining in on me, hanging bigger and brighter than a streetlight, right in the middle of my big window that faces west. So I lay on my bed to watch it, and wondered if I might stay with it until it sank below the horizon. Could I actually mark its descent? Well, yes, I could very easily do that, because the blinds over my windows were not drawn up all the way; the slats made lines across the picture, by which I could mark the steady movement of the white moon.

I thought, how sweet, how rich a gift, to be awake at just this moment, to be with the moon in its fullest display, loving it. The moon may be full every 28 days, but I certainly don’t see it every month. To not have to crane my neck, or stand in the cold, but to enjoy its presence from the comfort of my bed – well, who knows if I’ll ever have that chance again.  But this is real: I watched the moon last night until it was just one bright spot above the neighbor’s roof, and then it was gone.

This is what that window looked like at close of day when the sun had gone down:

And because it doesn’t seem right to publish this post without a single photo
of our dear moon, here it is as I once saw it in the evening:

I know some of you were also watching that moon
at some point in its course across the sky;
it is surely a wonder, a regular and familiar, beautiful thing in our world.

Glory to God!

11 thoughts on “Staying with the moon.

  1. I forgot about seeing it until this morning and tried to take some photos. The best I could get was with my phone’s camera, not with my Canon PowerShot. I would love a better camera, but…

    The moon was altogether lovely and just made my heart soar. God is so awesome in His creation.

    Have a wonderful week dear Gretchen ~ FlowerLady

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  2. The next great full moons will be January 1 and 31 in the coming year. At that point, it will have moved somewhat in the sky, and may or may not be visible through that window — but it most assuredly will be there. I woke to the same moonlight streaming through my window about 4 a.m. What a treat to share the moon with you!

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    1. Does that mean that Jan 31’s moon will be a Blue Moon? Maybe it was you who explained that to me, but I read it on my own blog last night, in a previous post on this subject, that if there are two full moons in a month the second is called a Blue Moon.

      Thanks for the heads-up! I hope I might seen one or both of those full moons, too!


  3. ME TOO! I’ve loved watching the moon from bed all my life. I remember the full orbs light shining through my childhood bedroom window….singing to myself a tune learned on my 78 rpm record player! I used to drape my baby sister’s buggy veil over my bed posters and crawl under it to watch the progress of the Moon across my window as I pretended to be a sleeping Princess…. Last night was a Frost Moon and because it was clear I also rejoiced to sleep in its bright bath of shimmering light. My husband can’t understand my need to “watch the moonrise,” though he indulges me! I drag him out in the cold during Fall nights, the late during Summer nights and any other time to locate my Moon! I’m so glad I’m not the only one that was watching last night…from bed!


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  4. Our city lot is surrounded by tall evergreen trees so I have to make an effort and actually go outside to get a good look at the moon. When I know its a full moon and if the sky is clear I usually try to see it, as I did last night!

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  5. Yes! Roomie and I were driving home from somewhere and noticed this glorious camembert yellow moon with a few wispy clouds floating just above the horizon. We marveled at the beauty God allowed us to see.

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  6. It has been so gorgeous here also the last several nights. Wreathed in the lightest of clouds, glowing yellow. My camera phone is awful, and I never get good shots of the moon – just a blur. It is a special luxury to be able to watch such an event from the comfort of one’s bed!

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