Changes, always changes…

I’m not speaking of anything life-shattering, but just the day-by-day
and year-by-year transformations…. nothing is ever the same,
and yet everything important remains steady.

Brodie eating some of the Boston Brown Bread his father has been making:

Every time I am with my children and grandchildren I am overwhelmed with joy and also with awareness of how the moments are golden — and then gone.

For Thanksgiving Pippin’s and Soldier’s families were here,
ten extra living souls in my house for a few days and nights.

The children love my vintage toys, many of which are about forty years old now!

And crafting salads in the playhouse, with gleanings from my garden.

This year we did not eat turkey, but tri-tip barbecued by the guys.




And I helped the children make these puff-pastry goodies I saw a video recipe for on Facebook. They are pretty but not very tasty, because the pastry dough in the bottom of the muffin cups can’t puff, and comes out too dense and doughy. But it was fun, and they look pretty!






The days were full of matchbox cars, Playmobil, Legos, and children
sitting up at the table yet again for more pie, eggnog,
Fuyu persimmons and whatever was leftover and handy.
Thanksgiving comes but once a year!

We took a walk and wondered over live oak acorns with stripes.
Pippin is usually the one who notices such things first,
but we all learn from her attentiveness.

She also showed me three new birds in my back yard!
I was captivated by the flocks of kinglets
flitting from plum tree to snowball bush to rosemary.

I had collected leaves on my walks and pressed them briefly,
and we enjoyed comparing them and watching them change
over the days they were on the table.
The only ones we knew for sure were liquidamber and tulip tree.

Yes, those are Moomins who are also admiring the leaves!

As is typical but always amazing, both my son and son-in-law found projects to do for me.
Soldier remade some junky broken drawers into useful shelves,
and the Professor cleaned rain gutters.
I am the most loved woman on earth.

Joy brought this simple and much-enjoyed cranberry building activity for the children,
and Pippin and I collaborated on materials for needle-felting.

When Scout was in San Francisco with his parents one day, and Jamie was napping,
Ivy and I had girl time, happily poking our needles into wool roving
to make ducks and monsters and a bunny.

All my family have departed now, and left me in this lovely afterglow of sweetness.
The leaves are still changing… and fading. Soon I’ll need to replace them with berries!

11 thoughts on “Changes, always changes…

  1. What a fun time you show us here! I love that cranberry activity. Your family sounds so creative, so tactile, so joyful. I also understand and appreciate what you call the “lovely afterglow” of having family with you. I think that must just blossom and grow as children marry and grandchildren are born. I’m so glad you had such a lovely time!

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  2. I kept all the Playmobil that my children played with and then the grands grew into that stage. One grandson called them Pinchy People.
    So nice that your son and son-in-law did odd jobs for you while they were around. And now your home returns to normal probably just until Christmas?

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    1. These are the Japanese Fuyu type, that you eat when they are still firm. So they don’t make good pudding, but you can make cobbler from them. I find them too sweet and bland to be very enjoyable, but the children seem to love them!


  3. How wonderfully rejuvenating to have spent such precious moments with your children and grandchildren. Like the autumn leaves you had collected and pressed, may your memories gathered from this reunion hug your heart and stamp your soul.

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  4. I feel very aware this year that my boys will not always be here at my side all holiday long- already their social lives take them off with friends. I love that this is so, but have deliberately cut down on what we’ll do for others this holiday, so I can treasure the intimate family time we have ourselves, while they still want to spend it with us!

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