We must feel great sorrow for him.


Every person who insults us… slanders us… wrongs us in any way, is a brother who fell into the hands of the worker of evil, the devil… We must feel great sorrow for him, sympathize with him, and beseech God fervently and quietly to strengthen us during the hour of our trial and to have mercy on our brother who became a victim of the devil. God will help us as well as him.

+Saint Porphyrios

9 thoughts on “We must feel great sorrow for him.

  1. The importance of these words today is obvious. I hesitate to add this, but you know my somewhat quirky sense of humor, so I will. The icon that the saint (Saint Porphyrios, I assume) is holding? I can’t help seeing it as a Time Magazine cover — it’s the red “framing” that does it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if such things appeared on our magazine covers from time to time?


    1. Thank you for drawing my attention to the border – now I see that both icons have red borders! So unusual for icons, too… Yes, it would be wonderful if more images of holy people and even our Lord were dispersed throughout our world…. and… Lord, have mercy! I just remembered that I am supposed to be such an image!!


  2. Feel great sorrow for them–I had the honor of knowing a woman in her 70s until her passing who personified that. And she did in in such a sincere and naive manner, not one jot of calculation in it.

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