I throw snowballs and eat guavas.

I’m home again! I was so busy the last week of my stay with Soldier and Joy’s family, I didn’t finish my story of the Most Fun Day in Colorado: It was the snowy weather I’d mentioned was on the forecast, and I didn’t expect the quantity of snow that fell in the night. In the morning before the children were up I went out and took some pictures of the wonderland.

When the boys got on their unfamiliar jackets, snow boots and gloves, they began their happy discoveries. Brodie is only 2 1/2 and he was cautious. His brothers were kind and patient introducing him to the white stuff that they had just begun to explore themselves.

I went out to play with them, and it was such a joy. I also had my waterproof boots, and my down jacket. My gloves seemed to be waterproof. I showed them how to make snowballs and gave them permission to throw them at me! That they loved most to do, all three of the little cubs whom I’d been telling for two weeks that I so appreciated their affection, but they should not show it by pushing, pinching, or whacking Grandma as they passed by (their natural way with each other). Their parents and I tried to teach them to be gentle. Suddenly it was okay to pelt me with balls of cold fluff. We laughed and ran around and eventually built a snowman, and when I went indoors the older boys made a snow house.

A few of us went on another walk in Fox Run Regional Park and came across two teepees made of logs. Another group drove all the way to Boulder to the Celestial Seasonings factory and headquarters but that outing didn’t turn out quite as expected and I only got one picture, of the little room modeled after the Sleepytime tea box, featuring two of the boys instead of the sleepy bear.

One of the things I loved about being in Colorado Springs was attending Sts. Constantine and Helen/Holy Theophany Church. It felt a lot like home. The walls are crowded with icon murals, making it ideal for walking around and greeting all the many saints who are surrounding the worshipers like a cloud of witnesses. The first week I attended I went back into the building after the agape meal to take pictures. I look forward to visiting again whenever I travel to see my family who are hoping to settle there for a good while, God willing.

Today I flew home. It is such a short “hop” compared to what I’ve been doing the last many years; I arrived at midday, when the house was cold and the garden warm. I’d been thinking of my garden the last three weeks, when checking the weather report, and even into November there have been days over 80 degrees. I wondered if the pineapple guavas might even ripen this year — and they did!! At least, ten of them had doubled in size since I left, and dropped on the ground, and I ate one. It was ripe indeed, and scrumptious.

Lots of the dwarf pomegranate fruits have grown to be larger and redder, but still their dwarfish selves. The figs have continued to ripen, and olives to get color. The sunflowers finished drying up, but the irises and abutilon have not slowed down one bit! I turned on the fountain and marveled at my space. I am as happy as a hummingbird whose feeder has just been filled to the brim.

9 thoughts on “I throw snowballs and eat guavas.

  1. Isn’t it always so good to be home. You sound like me – upon arriving home I am straight out into the garden to see what has transpired in my absence. Scrumptious! Enjoy your feijoas 🙂

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  2. Your first photo has made me so excited about the possibility of snow here. It will probably be a while before it reaches us even though one son was born in 6″ of record breaking early November snow many decades ago.

    To be there with your grands when they saw it and went out to play in it must have made you feel their age again. What a nice thing to share with them, on top of all the other things you have shared during this visit. But how nice, also, to go home to find such garden bounty.

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  3. What wonderful times! And I must say I was a bit “envious” ( in a good way) that you had snow…
    It is also good to catch up on some posts. Can you believe it is already November!

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  4. How lovely that you shared the little boys’ wonder at the snow ( and even allowed them to pelt you with it).

    The church you pictured has so many colourful murals. I grew up attending a very plain and austere church ( Mennonite). I would often accompany a Catholic friend to her church and loved the beautiful interior, also the stained glass windows. I believe worship is enhanced by our surroundings whether in church or out in nature.

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  5. What a contrast, snowballs then guavas, with a most amazing-looking church in between. I’m going to save some of those icon and wall-painting images– in my tablet, but especially in my heart.

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