raspberry energy

I never would have chosen this cardigan sweater for myself, but it has turned out to be a splendid gift Iris and Pathfinder gave me. Every time I wear it, I feel that some of its extravagant energy radiates into my bones and helps them rejoice. And not Christmas Red, but truly Christmasy. I become my own ornament!

I wore it to church yesterday, when the weather was foggy and chill, making me content to keep my wool sweater on all day. On the way home I stopped to buy a bag of black oil sunflower seeds for my feeder, and impulsively added a (little) live conifer to my cart. It’s not prickly like the one I had a couple of years ago, but rather a soft and drapey Leland Cypress. I’ll keep it outdoors for another week at least, because I’m sure it doesn’t want to be treated like a houseplant.

Then, I’ll add my favorite evergreen-appropriate decor, maybe a couple of birds and a pinecone. (The sweater I’m keeping for myself.)

10 thoughts on “raspberry energy

  1. I LOVE raspberry…or darker cranberry! 🙂
    as a youth I loved it and in age it is becoming.
    in winter it is most cheerful and cozy, as you note😊😊😊😊as I curl up in my plaid pj’s. .. cranberry flannel, with hot tea to reflect with Guite on Advent I think of you there….be cozy!


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  2. Raspberry is a lovely color! Yay for a live tree. I might buy one today, too. I have some small lights and ornaments. I’m meant to be getting ready for bookclub but I don’t wanna.
    Happy December day to you, beautiful friend.

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  3. Wearing sweaters all day around the house is necessary for me…I am also a turtle-necked type of person during the winter months, usually a cardigan will go on top.

    One of the things I do not like to run out of is sunflower seeds for my feathered friends…and they truly are my friends.

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  4. Your raspberry cardigan is so lovely. I wear cardigans a lot because I’m always cold (well, not in the middle of summer) but since Menopause my thermostat is weird and I have to be able to take my sweater off at any given moment. smile

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  5. It’s funny how some garments can just make you feel great.

    I have a really worn out burgundy sweater that I bought for a dollar at a garage sale at my church about 16 years ago, that I just love. I find it very comforting. Of course that’s a different feeling than your energy, but similar.


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  6. I almost bought two giant pinecones at Trader Joe’s today so I could put peanut butter on it then roll in seed. I am sure I don’t have enough peanut butter for a ten inch pinecone! I think I will just pick up a few small ones on my morning walk with my dog. The dog, Toby, was wearing a bright red!☺

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  7. Maybe a cylamen is my favorite flowering day plant. The leaves are lovely and the petals of the flower are – a fascinating texture. They seem to know that they are so extravagantly beautiful that they bow their faces in humility. That’s how I think of them. Yesterday I saw several flats of them outside where I grocery shop. They were that wonderfully rich color! It seems like everything I can think of that is that color is very special. You might work at incorporating it into your closet for all seasons! It suits you! Merry Christmas Gretchen! We are blessed indeed! ❤️

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