As a man to that river.

The voice of the Lord cries over the waters, saying:
Come all ye, receive the Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit of understanding,
the Spirit of the fear of God, even Christ who is made manifest.

Today the nature of water is sanctified.
Jordan is divided in two, and turns back the stream of its waters,
beholding the Master being baptized.

As a man Thou didst come to that river, O Christ our King,
and dost hasten O Good One, to receive the baptism of a servant
at the hands of the Forerunner, because of our sins, O Lover of Man.

-Hymn of the Great Blessing of Waters

4 thoughts on “As a man to that river.

  1. I love this scripture and we read it at church yesterday. The speaker said that of course Jesus didn’t need to be baptized because he didn’t sin but he wants to be with us, in support of us and our humanity. I loved it.


  2. Such a beautiful icon! And one of my fav feast days!! We usually mark our door jamb on holy Thursday (if we come home with the candle we used during the 12 Passion Gospels) or Pascha.


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