What to say about a cookie?

This one is certainly the Cookie of the Year, though I don’t know which year, because I started the dough in 2018 and finished them in 2019. A new recipe, from the current Bon Appétit, which means you can find it on epicurious.com:  Double-Pecan Thumbprints.

The layer of flavor-rich frangipane tops off (even though it’s in the middle) the oh-so-toasty-pecan everything of this thumbprint. It instantly became my favorite cookie of all time. I spent hours over several days browsing recipes and planning this year’s cookies; that brainstorming was the easy part. Shopping, baking, then giving and eating took any remaining energies, leaving little for describing or promoting. But I wish you might try baking these so you can taste for yourself. Now that you’ve seen the picture, take a look at that recipe, and if it calls to you…

(I’m sorry if you recently resolved to eat no more cookies. 😦 )

pecan thumbprints 2018 cookies


9 thoughts on “What to say about a cookie?

  1. Oh, those cookies look so good. I’m working on getting the ones in my freezer eaten before I bake more. I did bake a Date square ( otherwise known as Matrimonial cake). I used dates and dried cranberries for the filling. I added very little sugar and the filling is plenty sweet. I also decreased the sugar in the recipe for the dry ingredients and I have convinced myself that the whole thing is actually good for me.

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  2. I have not sworn off cookies, and these look fabulous! It looks almost like a shortbread cookie. It says a lot that they have taken the #1 spot favorite with the Ultimate Cookie Lady 🙂 We have a pecan problem here though. We have 17 pecan trees, and lots of pecans, and a cook who is allergic to them and a cook’s wife who loves them above any other nut. Oh dear! I’d love to have some of these.

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