A rosemary comeback, and big plans.

The first sunny day we’ve had in a week, and my plan was to work on cleaning the garage; I do not say “to clean the garage” because that sounds like I could ever finish.

But first, a walk. The creek is so high, and now running smoothly so that the sky reflects off the water, distracting from the quantity of mud still flowing below.

After breakfast I opened the overhead door of the garage to get light on my subject, and remembered that I wanted to trim the abutilon. It never stops blooming, so I can’t wait for dormancy. One bloom shone brightly yellow and caught the sun penetrating its petals.

You know how it goes in the garden – One thing leads to another, and I did a bit of tidying up the next hour. The first asparagus has emerged, and lots of California poppy plants that you can see behind one of my new wallflower bushes.

But what is THIS? A ladybug, yes, I know, but the bug is sitting on a stem of rosemary! A stem of a bush that is taking over a pittosporum bush, and already blooming, and I never saw it until today. It’s from a root left over from the gnarly plant that was there until three years ago; what a surprise that it didn’t show itself all this time, until now.

I had to cut it off for the time being, because I didn’t want to take time to dig out the root, which is what is sadly necessary.

gl P1040918
Rosemary in the previous landscape.

Several of my yarrow clumps seem to have died out,
but a couple of plants are starting to bloom.

And the abutilon – the star of the show.

I eventually did get a lot done in the garage. I’m making space there for stuff that’s been stored in the house, especially in the great room upstairs, because… Announcement!: I’m starting a remodel of this big room. For almost three decades it has been used for homeschooling, large families sleeping or even living in there, Mr. Glad practicing his drums, and always, the storage of many, many things, not in a very efficient manner. We avoided doing anything to it, while we fixed more urgent areas of the house and property.

My plan is to divide it into three rooms: a Guest Room, a Sewing Room, and a full bathroom. Plans now being drawn by an architect will soon be submitted to the city for a building permit, and the contractor is standing by….

There is nothing lovely or very interesting to tell about in the garage, or in the great room. Decorating, choosing furniture, colors and such matters do not inspire me. They challenge me and find me bored and impatient, and that makes me want to escape here and write about books or saints or the moon I saw through my window last night. So things might not change too much on the blog. I’ll be seeing you around!

8 thoughts on “A rosemary comeback, and big plans.

  1. An inspiring read. I look around our drought-stricken garden and know that I should focus on sorting things indoors. I prefer watching birds and writing or reading, yet (also after three decades) there is a lot to be seen to!


  2. Well, with about sixteen inches of snow on the ground and below zero temperatures it will be a while before I can look at any gardening! I’ve tried all the rosemary cultivars which promise to be hardy in my zone five garden, but none has ever succeeded, to my sorrow. It is difficult to imagine your rosemary problem. But I love reading about your garden.


  3. Oh, I wish we could transplant that rosemary straight here to my yard! Our ground is so moist we have trouble keeping our rosemary alive. I LOVE it so much. I’m amazed at how spring-like it looks there – things blooming and very green. Did you ever have winter? Do you usually?
    I am the opposite and am very enthused and excited about any talk of houses and especially building or renovation work. I’d love to see exactly what you have planned! Isn’t it funny how different we all are? But I agree with you about the garage 🙂 Meh.


  4. But first, a cup of coffee while reading my dear friend’s post! What a lovely walk around your garden! Abutilon. How I miss you dear blooms! Love!


  5. Like MK I get excited by the idea of arranging new rooms and looking for thrifty buys to decorate those rooms. No doubt once you set your mind to it those rooms will look lovely.
    I wonder if my Rosemary will make it through the winter. It is in a pot which helps to keep it less wet in our wet winters but the fact that it is in a pot makes it more vulnerable to cold temperatures.


  6. I’ve been watching a few of the Tidying Up shows and watching people wade through piles of stuff and decide what to throw. I hope yours isn’t such a chore! And I hope you love the finished rooms, and that it doesn’t take too long! 🙂


  7. Rosemary is certainly a stubborn plant. What a gnarled and large plant it once was. How lovely to spend time in the garden. I did a little bit on the weekend, but tonight the rain is pounding down on the roof with a lovely steady rhythm.


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