In the rain-washed moment.

When I looked out the kitchen window at the rain-washed garden, it was heartbreakingly lovely and full of light…the tree trunks dark wet and all the leaves and needles bright green from having slurped up every bit of water they could squeeze into their fat cells. I bet they have completely forgotten what drought feels like.

I saw all this in a moment, and the moment was like being handed a wake-up gift from my Father, “Here, Honey, is a little something I made for you today.” And that moment was a place to be with Him. I was pretty much bowled over by the whole fact of me living on this earth that is full of His glory.

And the heuchera is perfect just about now.

7 thoughts on “In the rain-washed moment.

  1. Your words, ** “Here, Honey, is a little something I made for you today.” ** really blessed my heart this morning. Our dear God and Heavenly Father cares deeply for us. May we stop, be still and hear His voice, see His gifts and be thankful to Him.

    Have a lovely week dear Gretchen ~ FlowerLady


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