They like a little shade.

In this season when they are happiest, I took pictures of most of my succulents. Many of them are blooming, and it’s hard to get a good picture of that, because their flowers are often on a stem that stretches far from the mother plant before the blooms open.

They are pleasant images from my life, where this week the plumbers and other workers are busy doing repair work before any of my new construction can start. Just one day of it was unnerving for various reasons that are not pleasant, so I won’t bother going into all that. And eventually all will be well… it was good to sleep, and wake to hear the fountain singing.

I don’t know the names of most, but a couple that I do know here are Red Sedum  and Hens and Chicks…  The purple flowers are not a succulent, but bacopa or Sutera cordata.

The busyness around here makes me feel an affinity with these plants, which like the heat of summer, as I also do. They can live without water for long periods, but most of them require a little quiet shade in order to thrive. It occurs to me that I might brush some pine needles off the bench and sit a spell with my garden friends this very afternoon.

13 thoughts on “They like a little shade.

  1. I do think the symmetry and wonderful shapes of succulents are SO satisfying! You have some lovely ones there. I have Seedum in my garden and I find it very pleasing! I hope you get some shade from the busyness like your plants…

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  2. Succulents would not do well outside in Montana, but I have often thought they would be a nice addition to some of our rooms in the house. A touch of green that does not require extensive care when traveling. Thanks for the idea!

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  3. Hoping the remodeling goes as well as possible. Hearing the fountain in the morning sounds so nice. Enjoy that bench in the shade!

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