Rescued by a mantis.

It was nearly dusk when I realized I had lots of stuff to put in the yard waste bin for pick-up tomorrow, so I raked pine needles and cut tangles of wisteria vines that were trying to get in the kitchen window. At the last, I pulled out the wallflower bush that has been dead and bleaching in the sun for a couple of weeks now. I put it on top of the stuffed-in green matter, but the lid was not near to closing, so I went back for my pruners to cut up the bush a bit.

Then I saw the mantis, barely browner than the bush, and he wasn’t interested in going anywhere. So I took his picture, such a patient subject he was. My neighbor came down to look at him, too, and watched while I managed to pick him up and move him over to the coreopsis.

I had hoped to have a full day of gardening today, but very little of that got done. I measured bathroom floors, ran around from the tile store to the home improvement store, measured floors again… back to the tile store, researched windows and window coverings…

In an email to my contractor I wrote the proverb that came to mind, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” I think I still have patience; what else is there to have? But I ran out of emotional strength about three days ago. I’m managing without it.

That last little burst of pruning and raking and being in the garden was the best thing of the whole day, and by itself lifted my heart quite a bit. But the mantis saved the day, by showing up and hanging out with me for a few minutes, and letting himself be rescued. ❤

19 thoughts on “Rescued by a mantis.

  1. I think all aspects of remodeling are stressful. Gardening, on the other hand, is much more pleasant, especially if you meet a mantis ( someday I hope to actually see one).

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  2. That last photo!!! He looks utterly noble and wise, perched there gazing at the moon. I know exactly what you mean — how a humble few minutes outside doing yard work can be the best few minutes of an otherwise wearing day. Isn’t that why you have your yard? I haven’t been able to glean emotional energy from my yard since about May, because of our summer heat. It’s a drain. I’m eager to get back out there, if only in the morning coolness just after sunrise.

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  3. I love that God sent you a praying mantis as a way to energize your spirit once again. Lovely photos. Patience is something we all need at more times than others. Hang in there dear Gretchen. All will be well. ~ Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

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    1. When I first saw the mantis I didn’t have my phone, so I asked him to wait while I went in the house for it. And he very kindly did. That picture represents to me that last hour of the day and what a gift it was, so it’s a treasure in that way, too!

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      1. For me as well, both a gift and an image, which . . .

        (I think I mentioned once an idea I had about extending in my mind the concept of “icon” to living persons, heroes in a spiritual sense) . . . well, that mantis in the moon, it reminds me of God’s presence, and the heroism of all creation. A kind of icon I can relate to.

        (I’m trying with the others–the ones in church. No deep response. Probably trying too hard. Or expecting too much. But the mantis there on my screen, such mystery, moves me toward prayer– of sorts, the kind you don’t need words for.)

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      2. Albert, your extension is actually the foundation, I think, because Christ is the human image (a.k.a. icon) of the Father, the first icon, from which all the others derive, by His grace and indwelling, all the way from living humans to faded paper prints of icons that were painted of humans, whom God “painted” in the flesh. Icons of icons.

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  4. It is (emphasis) the time of praying mantis! Oh, this is what makes September such a glorious time.
    Your last photo should win an award! Truly! I would buy a copy.

    Remodeling does disturb, but you have found the key to being present through it all.

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  5. I know what you mean about “running out of patience” with all the decisions and errands involved with redo-ing house rooms. Prayers for smooth sailing.

    I love the monarchs and the mantis. SO LOVELY and real. YOU are a champ, my sweet friend.


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