We prescribe what is fitting.

gregorypalamas 1… we grapple with this ‘law of sin’ (Romans 8:2) and expel it from our body, establishing in its place the surveillance of the intellect. Through this surveillance we prescribe what is fitting for every faculty of the soul and every member of the body. For the senses we prescribe what they should take into account and to what extent they should do so, and this exercise of the spiritual law is called self-control.

-St. Gregory Palamas

5 thoughts on “We prescribe what is fitting.

  1. If only it worked like that. . . .And I pray that it does– finally, after many starts and stops, much self-disappointment, and eventual recognition of the mind’s limits and God’s ever ready help.

    (Hi Gretchen. Thanks for your frequent references and excerpts. They keep me in touch with what I believe even though it doesn’t always feel like it.)

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    1. This quote surprised me, the way it makes the process sound so serene and almost natural. Indeed, another saint said that our long-standing habits become like a second nature to us – the law of sin and death. I just don’t grapple very much.


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