Night and death had been poured out.

…night possessed us and the shadow of death encompassed us, for we had fallen into sin and lost the power of sight which was ours by God’s grace, and by which we were able to perceive the light that bestows true life. Night and death had been poured out on our human nature, not because of any change in the true light, but because we had turned aside and no longer had any inclination towards the life-bearing light. In the last times, however, the Giver of eternal light and Source of true life has had mercy upon us.

-St. Gregory Palamas

4 thoughts on “Night and death had been poured out.

  1. A Hidden Life is out in selective U.S. cities this week. A wider release will be out next week. If you’re interested to find out more about it before viewing, my 4 Ripple review just posted. Hope you’ll like the film.

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    1. Thank you for the heads-up, Arti! I was thinking of you when I read a review of it on Rod Dreher’s site just a few hours before your post was published. It doesn’t seem to be in my area quite yet. I will definitely read your thoughts before I go!

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