Quiet drizzle inside and out.

In the latter half of January, it always happens: I see spring coming. For several weeks the most growth in the garden has been of the green algae in my fountain, because I’ve neglected to put in the drops that prevent it. The sun shone briefly this afternoon, but by the time I got outside to clean leaves and redwood needles out of the little pump, I had to do it in a drizzle. The drizzle faded to a mist, and I could take a couple of pictures. The fruit trees have been pruned, and the sedum is sending out new shoots that are little cups to collect the fine rain.

Indoors, how companionable to have this color of paint in my new sewing room,
Kelly-Moore’s Quiet Drizzle:

Yes, work progresses, slowly. You can be sure that when I have
more complete results to show you, I’ll dedicate a long post to those refreshing views!

16 thoughts on “Quiet drizzle inside and out.

  1. It will be a long time before I see a sign of spring. We are lucky to get a thaw but of course nothing will grow for another two or three months yet. At best, some daffodil sproutings in early April. Maybe. So,seeing signs of spring here is lovely.

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  2. Love the color in your new room. Our daffodils are up and budded to only be stunted in February. I am checking the herb garden today. We are always blighted by February weather but I love the brief spring view.

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  3. Sometimes I want to paint a room a certain color just because of its name. From what I can see of this color you chose in your sewing room, I like it! I am looking forward to more of your “reveals”.
    Spring is rather funny in the south. Several weeks ago it felt, smelt, and looked like the entrance of spring. Then it turned back to winter…of which I am thankful. Too early, and our fruit crops are compromised while the plants and flowers get so confused!

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  4. What a lovely color for the sewing room. “Quiet Drizzle” inside and out… how peaceful! You have so much happening in your garden now. We will have crocus and jonquils blooming soon, but not much else for awhile.

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  5. Isn’t it exciting to see the first signs of Spring? I love the colour you chose for your sewing room. Quiet Drizzle is a soothing colour. Your orange poppy (?) is a splash of brightness. I went out to look for Snowdrops. Didn’t find any but I did find Chickweed so I spent half an hour pulling that out. Then my back told me to quit.

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  6. What are refreshing color that is for your sewing room. When I was last in Cambria my friend was telling some visitors how she chose a warm yellow with gold and red colors for accents because the weather is often so foggy and cool and damp. And that is how she achieved the cozy feel of her home.

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