Bees dive into purple flowers.

What I have is a small lavender-and-bee gallery for you. My 26 lavender plants in the back garden are all blooming now, and the bees have arrived by the scores to drink from those flowers, and teucrium in the front. Mostly the teucrium – goodness, that stuff is popular! I’m glad I have two long hedges of it. But we’ll start in the back:

Those are new olive leaves with lavender in the background.

Now we’ll just meander out to the front yard…

I whittled my teucrium-crazy bees down to three favorites. That’s the best I could do!

13 thoughts on “Bees dive into purple flowers.

  1. Lovely Lavender and so popular with bees. My lavender is not blooming yet but if we get a few days of sunshine I think it will begin to bloom.


  2. What a lovely garden you have! Even though mine is mostly indigenous, I simply have to grow lavender – it is fairly drought-resistant too, which is a bonus, and attracts bees and butterflies.


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