10 thoughts on “The thinnest yellow light.

  1. Boy can I ever relate to this quote! I was just telling my husband that we got to see the sun for all of about 10 minutes this morning. When those golden rays briefly made their way through the sunroom into the kitchen where I was working, my spirit immediately lifted. November days here in CT tend to be consistently on the gray side. And then I recall that Thoreau experienced the same November gray days, having lived not too far away in MA.


  2. Our November light was very warming today! I’m appreciating the pink and purple clouds of evening as I type. Thanks for the Thoreau quote! 🙂


  3. Perfectly illustrated by your lovely photo. Working from home, I certainly see more daylight than I used to and that slanting sunlight is certainly thinner in the mornings and afternoons.


  4. Hello Gretchen, I see that you are a lover of art, poetry and literature. More importantly, you are a lover and follower of Christ. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Lord willing we will meet again either there or here in the future. Lord’s blessing in this Advent Season.


  5. I copied this satisfying description of November into my Commonplace book. November is a favorite month of mine and I can not seem to proclaim its glories enough.


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