One of the strangest of human moods.

“One of the deepest and strangest of all human moods is the mood which will suddenly strike us perhaps in a garden at night, or deep in sloping meadows, the feeling that every flower and leaf has just uttered something stupendously direct and important, and that we have by a prodigy of imbecility not heard or understood it. There is a certain poetic value, and that a genuine one, in this sense of having missed the full meaning of things. There is beauty, not only in wisdom, but in this dazed and dramatic ignorance.”

-G.K. Chesterton, in Robert Browning.

7 thoughts on “One of the strangest of human moods.

  1. …a prodigy of imbecility… I like that. I often talk to my flowers but so far I haven’t heard a reply.


  2. Every time I read a G.K. quote I say to myself, “I need to read more of his wise writing!” I’ve got his complete works on my Kindle. But books on my Kindle tend to be “out of sight, out of mind”. 🙂


  3. Hello, I loved this post very much. The view in the photo is wonderful.
    It is always somewhere outdoors, admiring nature or even one’s own garden, and usually being alone, when one feels that sudden feeling of being part of the Creation.

    Thank you for this post. Blessings!


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