Built around a spiritual core.

“I realized that a crisis of limits is a crisis of culture, and a crisis of culture is a crisis of spirit. Every living culture in history, from the smallest tribe to the largest civilization, has been built around a spiritual core: a central claim about the relationship between human culture, nonhuman nature, and divinity. Every culture that lasts, I suspect, understands that living within limits—limits set by natural law, by cultural tradition, by ecological boundaries—is a cultural necessity and a spiritual imperative. There seems to be only one culture in history that has held none of this to be true, and it happens to be the one we’re living in.”

-Paul Kingsnorth, in his conversion story, “The Cross and the Machine”

6 thoughts on “Built around a spiritual core.

  1. Have clicked over there, and it is a good read. This is a fascinating statement of his: “I didn’t know back then that the Christian story is the story of our rebellion against God. I didn’t know that by taking part in that rebellion I had become part of the story, whether I liked it or not.” Wow!!


  2. Wow, Paul Kingsnorth is suddenly popping up everywhere! Never heard of him before a few days ago when my sister mentioned him. I was just reading his conversion story the other day. And here you are writing about it also. I have been perusing The Abbey of Misrule….

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