Each day adds its weight.

If your beloved has a birthday this month, or you and your beloved have an anniversary in June, you might especially like this poem.


On your birthday, today, there is time to reflect
On the essence of our intimacy,
From a beginning in the spring-tide of youth
To an afterward secured in the distant mist,
And for what reason and to what end it endures.
Each year I feel the consequence, keen
With up-welling of sentiment,
Where new love springs before the old
Has run its course (but its course is never run),
And each day adds its weight to the sum
We bear on that date this day in June,
To solidify with birthdays gone by
In an endless, banquet bequest.
Today we take time out to renew
And revisit the mood of our youthful love.
Tomorrow, with the same tremulous excitement
As beset us when we danced on its eve ‘til dawn
We will wed again.

-Ivan Donn Carswell

5 thoughts on “Each day adds its weight.

  1. A beautiful poem – I don’t have a birthday this month, but two of my granddaughters do. They are a little young to appreciate the words of this poem!


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