The purples are out.

Cold weather has returned with the sunshine, and the fountain was frozen this morning. I have two little girls here all day making good use of my toys and the playhouse. It’s interesting to see the teamwork of these females in making a home of the playhouse. The typical use that my mostly boy grandchildren make of it revolves around “cooking” with whatever they can find, but my guests requested blankets and pillows and stuffies, and they created a cozy nest. It was cold enough that they needed their puffy jackets, but they asked to go barefoot.

Up at Pippin’s place where the temperatures were a little colder midday, 40 degrees, my grandchildren chose to eat lunch outdoors:

In my garden, the rain and sun combined to bring out — the flowers! Well, a few flowers… the purple, ground-hugging sort so far. But I see some taller iris buds. In February things will start to get exciting!

8 thoughts on “The purples are out.

  1. Dear Gretchen, your purples are beautiful. Purple is a favorite color in my tropical gardens. Today it has been in the mid 80’s and the ac is on. It doesn’t feel like January.
    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady


  2. Clearly, the earth is stirring! We’re back into equivalent cold now, and the low tonight will be about 40F. By Friday? More sunshine. I can’t imagine being barefoot in this weather, but there’s no question that childrens’ circulatory systems are better than mine.


  3. Children just don’t seem to notice the cold like we do. I’ve noticed that so often. I’ll be shivering and they’re just fine. It’s so encouraging when the first blooms appear. I think I’ll buy some purple blooming perennials when the time comes. I don’t think I have many.


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