The tarragon is winning.

This morning I read that we had got two inches of rain in the last 24 hours. It’s the Atmospheric River again! When I took out the trash, I discovered that the lid to the can had blown open, and the bin was half full of water. I was very glad that there was no trash in there swimming around.

The first asparagus came up this week, and the first freesia this morning. We have one day, today, with no rain, but it’s coming back, they say; the River might run for four more days.

I finally peeled, chopped and cooked the last of my little pumpkins that I’d grown last summer. I had saved seeds in 2021 from what looked like a mere ornamental pumpkin bought at Trader Joe’s for a front porch decoration, but after eating all the larger ornaments, I didn’t want to waste that little guy, so I cooked him, too. He was the sweetest of all! It was really satisfying to get descendants from him.

When I was at church during a short spell of sunshine this week, I saw this quince bush (above) with an unusual color of blooms.  So far none of my seeds have sprouted; they must be waiting for more warmth. But the tarragon has come out of dormancy and is overtaking the hairy bittercress that’s invaded its pot. Go, tarragon!

13 thoughts on “The tarragon is winning.

  1. California has really gotten a good soak! We have friends who were stranded on the I-5 in northern California when their windshield wipers stopped working. They were driving to Palm Springs. I’m cheering on the Tarragon for the win!


  2. The pale apricot colour of the Quince blossom is not one that I’ve often seen in flowers.Sure is pretty. I admire your succulents and wish mine looked less bedraggled. Cleaning them up is a chore waiting for a sunny warm day.

    I grew tarragon one year but when I used it I found it didn’t have much flavour. It didn’t survive the winter. The internet tells m that oregano works well as a substitute. Hmmm. Not sure if I’d agree.


  3. I love the houseleeks (1st picture). Not quite as beautiful here as the ones you have, suffering a bit in the winter, but at least they can be grown here.
    Let’s see if this gets to you????


    1. I forgot about that name « houseleeks » — it makes me curious about the etymology of « leek » since succulents are totally unrelated and bear no resemblance to garden leeks 🤔

      That particular pot of houseleeks had been stashed under a bush in the utility yard for months, I think it must have been to get it out of the sun last summer.
      So many babies sprouted, they finally caught my eye with their colors.


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