Getting along in the garden.

The garden always seems to have an intention of its own, apart from what I have planned for it. Last year I planted several new milkweed varieties on the south side, and none of them has emerged as yet. But under the fig tree the hearty Showy Milkweed volunteers have arrived as a whole regiment, even sprouting up through the lithodora.

So many of the welcome flowers are of the blue and purple hues, like Blue-eyed Grass and the first salvia bloom. I planted the sweet pea flowers in a row where chives were already growing; the chives are huge now, and I might have to cut them back to clear the way for the sweet peas to see the sun.

A single anonymous sweet pea volunteered in a big pot, back in the fall, and was trailing all over the path, so that I was stepping on it. So I stuck a mobile trellis next to the greenhouse and tied it up there.

This pink jasmine is finally thriving on a trellis against the fence. It looks pretty right now, but soon the salvia will send out its long branches and hide it. The garden is definitely overcrowded in spots….

One of the areas that felt overcrowded was in the front garden where a False Cypress grew. It was getting too big for my taste, and it’s kind of scruffy, so I took it out. Now more sunlight can come into my living room. I will replace it with something smaller and more interesting in the fall.

Borage has been surprising me by sprouting here and there, encouraged by all the rain; this is the most vigorous of the plants, and it’s in a place where I might remember to squirt it with the hose occasionally and keep it growing through the summer. (That ferny plant surrounding it is Love-in-a-Mist.) I don’t often use borage for anything, but the bees do! I hope it will grow away from the nearby fig tree, so that in late summer when I’m picking figs, I won’t be encroaching on the bees’ favorite feasting grounds. It will be interesting, day by day, to see how all the plants and insects and birds — and the gardener — coordinate their work for the maximum enjoyment of all.

Bee on milkweed 2019

9 thoughts on “Getting along in the garden.

  1. I always enjoy a visit to your garden and update on what is happening. I agree about the cypress. It looked like an angry bush to me. Not your style. 🥰

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  2. Your borage doesn’t look a thing like what I’ve seen, but I’ve decided these are still in bud, and the vibrant blue flowers haven’t opened yet. I think they’re one of the prettiest blue flowers there is.

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    1. The blue flower is lithodora, with longer and slender leaves of milkweed popping up from under it. I’ll have to go around and dig up most of those little milkweeds (again) and try transplanting them to a more open space…


  3. Well, maybe I will leave a little borage for the bees. It is VERY aggressive! We’ve had so much rain that sprouts are everywhere! Your garden looks very intriguing! Happy tending, good friend!

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