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Cherry Tomatoes Then and Now

Today I had a hankering for soup, so it was lucky that I found in the freezer a quart of the Cherry Tomato Soup I concocted last summer, or fall, to be exact. It seemed to want to go with the quart of Ham and Bean Soup that I also found in there, and after that, it was only natural to throw in the leftover green beans that had a smearing of pesto on them. Yum.

Here is what last year’s soup looked like before freezing. When I went back to find the post to link to, I noticed Anita’s tale of how her curried tomato soup happened, and it sounds like something I’d like to try this year, if my eight plants produce. But–I’m afraid they might have blight!

Here’s the biggest picking of tomatoes I’ve made so far. The green one is a Green Grape. It looks more like the Green Cherry I had last year, compared with the red one there, a plain Grape. The dark ones are Black Cherry, and the yellow are Yellow Cherry.

Thank God for cherry tomatoes, which ripen fairly quickly. Even they are three weeks late, and we are still waiting on the big tomatoes.