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A south-facing beach.

The beach Bella and I visited today faces south, so while we sat on a log eating our pepitas (roasted pumpkin seeds), my face got a touch of sunburn! I was barefoot with cropped pants, but wore four layers including a windbreaker on top, because the breeze was cutting. We walked and walked, and my friend found a few pieces of kelp to bring home, but nothing looked fresh enough to tempt me.

I hadn’t been to the beach in more than a week, so I was feeling needy. And today seemed a bit rushed, so I hope to get back again soon, to a spot where there is not so much debris. I’d like to have a longer spell of relaxed squish-squishing in the wet sand.

Stained glass sea vegetable.

This morning I further prepared and ate my several leaves of kelp gathered yesterday. I had left them in water in the fridge overnight. First I drained the water into the cooking pot, and then cut up the leaves into bite-sized pieces.

As I drew each long blade out of the tangle,
many configurations, colors and textures were revealed.

The “slimy” stuff that comes off or out of the seaweed is part of itself and its goodness. It gives the broth substance. I ate some of the fresh kelp to make sure it wasn’t already very salty; it wasn’t salty and the flavor was fairly bland, compared to other seaweed I have eaten. So I went ahead and cooked all the pieces in water with a little salt. I could have made a raw salad with some or all of it, but because I rarely eat cold salads in the winter, that didn’t occur to me until I was already in the process of cooking the vegetable.

I fried firm tofu with sesame oil and tamari,
and combined half of that with about half of the kelp
to make a yummy breakfast bowl.

Tomorrow I’ll eat the rest of the kelp in its broth, and call this a successful experiment. I’m planning to take a knife with me to the beach in the future, in addition to the plastic bag I had handy this time, so I’ll be equipped for whatever foraging opportunities.

Thank you, Bella!