Beloved Jars

Let’s see if I can write a blog post that is actually about something that happened today…a cold and rainy day on which we got a fire going. In April! Yes, those are Christmas lights in the picture. Until Spring has settled in more securely I will continue to enjoy them shining against the dark and dressing up my bare window.

The most satisfying part of the day was cleaning out the container cupboard. You’d think I grew up in the Depression, the way I save every jar and yogurt container until they are overflowing their space. No, it’s really because in the first decades of married life, I was always cooking army-sized quantities of soup or rice or whatever, and at times I actually used up most of those receptacles to squirrel away batches of Comfort Soup or pasta sauce against the days when we were too busy to cook.

During that period we also ate a lot of peanut butter, which resulted in me collecting these most practical glass jars, now true Collectors’ Items, I’m sure, because in this size, most food items these days are sold in plastic. Adams Peanut Butter was sold in approximately 2-quart jars that are more slender, and therefore fit better in the refrigerator, than what I have been able to buy as dedicated food storage containers. They were perfect, in the Old Days, for storing in the fridge enough soup for a large family. Or for cooling the stock before taking off the fat.

I’ve had them well over 20 years, and the lids aren’t even rusty. As you can see, I have begun using them to store dry foodstuffs. My kitchen is always evolving. But now, if these break or get lost, the younger generation can look here for a memory jog.

2 thoughts on “Beloved Jars

  1. B. laughed when I told him that, as I was posting the blog. I meant to mention that these jars are something special I have in common with my dear friend. We also used to buy peanut butter in 15# buckets, when I was doing day care.The buckets are still useful as well!


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