I Will Brag While Cheating

I am going to cheat a little bit here, by telling you that I was nominated by Left-Handed Housewife for the Kreative Blogger Award. But I can’t accept the award, essentially because I am too lazy to do the things the rules of the award require. I feel very proud to be chosen! And I’m happy to share this link to her blog, which is perhaps the only requirement for accepting that I will fulfill, because I like it a lot. Thank you, Frances!

This week I must organize the house and yard, and blog about my grandma, but everything has to wait until tomorrow at the earliest.

4 thoughts on “I Will Brag While Cheating

  1. Oh, I wish at least you'd tell us a few things about yourself that we don't already know! But I know what you mean; I'm always happy to get awards, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time I actually fulfilled the requirements!



  2. I just saw this! I wish that you could accept it, because you definitely deserve it… it seems that if you are already worthy of the award, you shouldn't have to change anything but following any extra rules! I love being so proud of my Mama!


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