This is Not a Cat!

About 7 o’clock this morning I put out a little cat food in advance of the guests’ arrival. A few minutes later a large non-feline shape loomed into view. I’ve never seen such a big raccoon in our suburban neighborhood! And isn’t it a little late in the “night” for him to be out scavenging?

14 thoughts on “This is Not a Cat!

  1. They are so cute IN OTHER PEOPLES' YARDS! I have seen them on our patio and they can get so big that when there are a few feasting on pet chow, they tend to cause a little chill of horror. They are very good at opening Rubbermaid tubs, I've learned.


  2. Poor guy, he's hungry. I am glad you are not a respecter of persons when feeding. It must be so hard for racoons (don't have them there) and foxes and badgers (do have) when they have to venture into suburbia just to keep alive.


  3. Wow, he is a large racoon – handsome though! I too put out left over food from our two cats for our garden visitors – most cats around here are well feed but the foxes and badgers need food at this time of year:) Thank you for your kind comment on my blog:)


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