Flowers in January


We forever parched Californians have had a satisfying amount of rain lately. When the sun came out this week I ventured into the back yard to find the flowers that had bloomed in the midst of the downpours.

[Update: I discovered that those bulbs are not true snowdrops, but sundrops.]

9 thoughts on “Flowers in January

  1. This post reminds me of a Mary Engelbreit card I have of a girl picking roses in the snow. The message says “Memory is the power to gather roses in Winter.” (Anonymous, apparently.) I have always loved this card and this saying, and it's long been on my list to make a cut-paper version of my own. Thank you for reminding me with your “Flowers in January” post! xo Kari


  2. *Sigh*! It's so nice to see flowers in the depths of winter! I enjoyed reading your posts about all your furry visitors. We occasionally feed cats,raccoons,(and possoms too) with our leftover cat food. Your quotes too were very thought provoking.



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