Foggy Flowers

Yesterday the sun never did come out. They say our summer is 4° cooler than average, but it seems worse than that, especially when the morning fog continues all day. It’s making me slow and dull this morning.

I was busy in the kitchen yesterday, so it didn’t bother me too much. The lack of bright light made it possible to take flower pictures, so I did catch my new hyssop plant that has reached 4 feet! I bought the hyssop back in April, in a 2″ pot as I recall, but I can’t find a picture of it as a baby for comparison. It did grow fast.


Next to the hyssop is an echinacea flower from which someone took a big bite off one side. My garden is so untidy it’s hard to get a good picture of anything without there being a random brick or weed or untrimmed dead flower protruding on the nice thing I’m trying to feature. But I cropped most of the ugliness out of the picture at left.







The New Zealand Spinach I was so pleased to find at the plant sale has done beautifully. This is what it looked like back then:

Earlier this month I made some Creamy Green Soup using the first pickings, shown in this bowl, which you can’t really tell is 16″ in diameter. Creamy Green Soup is a recipe I got from Laurel’s Kitchen long ago. It is infinitely variable, depending on your whim and what greens you have around. This last time mine had split peas, this spinach, onion and garlic and basil in it….maybe some other things, certainly butter. It’s nice to add a little cream or cheese, too.

The nasturtiums I planted all over the back yard are doing famously. I remembered at least once to put three colors of their petals in a salad. Now I really must go upstairs and do some ironing. Maybe it will help warm me up on this wintry summer day.

6 thoughts on “Foggy Flowers

  1. Our weather here in the East has been so HOT for the past month, that I'd LOVE to have some of your cooler, foggy weather. Foggy is my favorite; I hardly ever tire of it. Your garden is lovely!

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  2. This brought back memories of a hyssop plant I planted and grew in my garden many years ago. It seems I remember it bloomed.

    I like your green soup, I might need to try that one.

    Nasturtiums in your green salad are such fun. I do hope my children will remember nasturtiums as being one of my most favored summer flower. I plant them every year, and I am even able to get a few volunteers.

    Ironing here today too. And we are experiencing a “cold spell”, which blew in with a wonderful rainstorm this afternoon…78 degrees versus the 90+ of the past several weeks. Even this morning was in the eighties, hot with humidity you could cut with a knife.

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  3. Your gardens are lovely and I sure love to see the veggies that come in too. Nothing like eating fresh!

    We've had a cool summer and I'm surprised that I am still getting snap peas and lettuce this late in the summer, but still no cukes or ripe tomatoes yet.


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