More Writing and Friends

The last year flew by, and now my blog is TWO years old. I feel like giving a party for all my blogging friends, to celebrate. But that kind of thing does not belong to Blogland, so the best idea I can come up with to mark the occasion is — what else? — to write a long and possibly boring blog post.

What did I ever do before I started writing a blog? I wrote long e-mails, and real letters with ink, and articles about this and that which hardly anyone read. (And there was a homeschool newsletter.)

When I started Gladsome Lights I expected it would give me a convenient format for sharing recipes and garden happenings and such like with my longtime friends and family. At the time I did already have a manila folder full of scraps of paper on which I’d written thoughts that might turn into something, if I ever took the time to sit and ponder over them with pen in hand, but the potential was for more thinking with myself.

Suddenly I was connected with people who for various reasons actually take time out of their day to read what I write, or at least to check in and look at my garden or pie pictures, and it’s not just because they are my children or feel otherwise obligated. I’ve always had several real-life friends like this, but there wasn’t an easy platform for sharing. I’ve also had the third kind of friend, the authors with whom I interact, but reciprocity is lacking in that case.

If you are reading this, you might be one of these people who has been wonderfully stimulating to my mind and heart, just by offering occasional feedback. At some level you know me better, from reading my ramblings, than my nearby friends who aren’t the blog-reading type, because it’s a rare personal encounter in which I can find the words to express the things I do in writing.

Of course, words aren’t everything. It might be wise to ease off, and spend less time exulting in the fun of working to crank out a few decent paragraphs every week. But my manila folder has only been getting fatter, and my Blogger drafts folder is virtually overflowing. Reading other blogs of homeschoolers, philosophers, gardeners and homemakers (some of you are all of those together) gives me even more things to think about, to read, to try and to do.

It feels like I’m just getting into the swing of this writing life, and I don’t think I’ll stop anytime soon — unless God makes it clear contrariwise. It’s an inestimable gift from Him, this time I have to think and to enjoy all the things I do, and to write. And if you are still reading this, know that you are a gift to me, too.

16 thoughts on “More Writing and Friends

  1. I'm really glad you take the time to share your ponderings and creations and inspirations here with all your family and friends of all kinds. I know you better by reading your writing, and it is a blessing for anyone to be able to know you better! And you often give good food for thought. Your blog is beautiful. Love you.


  2. Happy Blog Birthday, GJ!! I love coming here to read your thoughts. I do consider you a friend, albeit far away from where I live. That's the wonder of blogging — friends who live thousands of miles apart can read about each other's days and get to know each other.

    I wish I were as careful and crafting with my posts as you are with yours. I often just blab it out there. Your spot here at Gladsome Lights is a happy, restorative place to come, when my soul is weary.


  3. Wonderful. I love it that you and I are thinking about the same ideas and encouragements, at the same time. Isn't that miraculous? You're so right that some of our “close by” friends don't know as much about us because they aren't “blog reading” types. If ANYONE I know writes a blog, I read. I love receiving peoples' words, mulling them over, paying attention to the thoughts those words stir up in me. Sometimes we conclude that the people we come in contact with are not listeners and while that may be true to a degree, blog writers and readers are excellent listeners, aren't they? Happy anniversary to you and THANK YOU for writing into my heart.


  4. And you are a wonderful writer, my dear friend, who actually has helpful, important and transcendent realities to write about…so thank you for each and every time you share your gift.


  5. I am so glad I found you, Gretchen Joanna. I have thoroughly enjoyed your writings and thoughts. I hope you keep them coming and I'll be here to read.

    Happy anniversary!


  6. Happy Anniversary Gretchen Johanna! I have enjoyed reading your blog from the beginning. Your writing is thought-provoking, and inspiring and always reaches deep into my soul.


  7. Happy second blog-birthday! Your blog is beautiful and thought-provoking. To mark the occasion, I will start to “follow,” because I've been reading often enough.


  8. Happy Blog Anniversary, GretchenJoanna! Thanks for your kind and wise words. I never feel like I have “wasted” time on the computer while reading your blog. Sometimes it is hard to think of a defense of blog-reading when in conversation with people who don't read them, but this post is a reminder of the blessings blogging can bring!


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