Rain, Soup, and Someone

Thanks to Maria, I found a poem that captures a little of how sweet it is to have rain splashing against windows — that is, if you have no lack of life’s other little or huge blessings, like a Beloved Someone for whom you can warm up a bowl of soup, as I did this evening for mine. I am the Empress.


She sends me a text
she’s coming home
the train emerges
from underground

I light the fire under
the pot, I pour her
a glass of wine
I fold a napkin under
a little fork

the wind blows the rain
into the windows
the emperor himself
is not this happy

~ Matthew Rohrer

3 thoughts on “Rain, Soup, and Someone

  1. Oh I know- I do usually love rain, but we have had so very much of it this year, and still NO SNOW! Thank you for your lovely comments- we so enjoyed the marryoke and yes we are there, somewhere after one minute, with the boys twirling and swirling a little after that again! Sorry for my very great non-presence recently- I am trying to balance blogging with living, and that is a tricky thing! Especialy where ironing is concerned! I hope all is very well and most blessed in your world!


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