Honey and Rest

For a few days I’ve been under the weather, miserable with those common winter cold symptoms. But no, not miserable! God has given me many joys: happy family news, hugs, music, the comfort of friends and grandchildren, and the loving attentions of my husband.

I had to bow out of several duties and other people were able to take over for me. It is annoying to be weak and disabled, but if I can give in and give up, and see the situation as just a more blatant expression of my usual stance before God….probably I need the reminder.

It seems the perfect opportunity to read All Those Books….but I am so dull of brain, nothing is easy enough, or if it is, it’s too boring to be worth turning the pages. So I’ve been typing more of Aunt Ida’s letters — a lot of them. And I thought I might take some more snippets and make of them a fun blog post. But staring at the words doesn’t magically organize them into any kind of order.

Next I browsed through the quote files a bit, and I see a short one I can handle. It relates to some things I have been doing, or at least could/should do. I can enjoy the sky from where I sit; I was greatly soothed by a hot shower and continue to drink mug after mug of tea or hot water. Sleep has been delicious, aided by various drugs — thank God for them.

And after reading the lines below, I branched out and added to my steaming drink — which sits now nearby — some fresh lemon juice and honey.

Something of God…flows into us from the blue of the sky, the taste of honey, the delicious embrace of water whether cold or hot, and even from sleep itself.

— C.S. Lewis

4 thoughts on “Honey and Rest

  1. So much for that annoying commercial from years back: “i haven't got time for the pain.” Both grammatically and spiritually wrong. Your acceptance and this generous sharing underscore that most un-Western trait of waiting. Here's to renewal and good health…


  2. Sleep and tea… such simple things that we take completely for granted until we are sick and then they become luxuries. My friend has gone to get my antibiotics and steroids and then I will be doing the same thing – curling on the sofa with cups of tea and books with pictures 🙂


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