When it rains it pours.

We got rain in the night, and we’re getting a little today. A little rain, and that’s not the pouring I refer to.

It’s our Glad life that has become a little too much for us of late — or so it would seem, but we haven’t left anyone in the lurch yet. We had a blessed and happy visit from Mr. and Mrs. Bread, alongside difficult and sad situations to bear up under with other friends. That kind of thing always feels like too much.

The dirty dishes have been left to sit on the counter (in the lurch?) longer than I like, and it hasn’t done any permanent damage that I can see.

The Johnny Jump-Ups appear to have been nibbled by snails, but as I breeze by I don’t want to take time to hunt under rocks for them.

My kitchen didn’t produce any bread — the disorder was beyond the point where I could be creative that way — so thank God I was on the communion bread team at church yesterday and could happily knead and cut and stamp and let the senses of both my body and soul fill with warm and satisfying smells. Even the dough smelled good and soothing. In the photo I am the reflection in the oven door.

And even before the rain, the freesias started blooming, almost too brightly for my camera’s limited settings. We did go for a quick walk around the neighborhood, and I saw that even the most rundown ugly house with junk scattered about has been blessed with a gorgeous tree all in blossom, sitting as though dropped from heaven in the middle of the front yard.

I’ve been too busy for thoughtful writing sessions, but the pictures I snapped reassure me that the seasons are going around normally still. You know Who we have to thank for that.

The tulips are still making progress up through the now-softening soil, and Sweet Alyssum is growing the perfect blanket to spread below the blooms that are on the way.

Mr. Glad and I are going on a tiny trip this week, leaving behind the clutter of our forever unfinished business, and there will be time and mind-space enough for me to collect some more images and thoughts of Spring and Life. I think I just wanted to send this note that I am here and God is still at work.

14 thoughts on “When it rains it pours.

  1. My weeks have been the same. I am thankful that my feet say firmly planted on the Rock because while life is full of challenges, My Father remains the same, yesterday and forever. I thought this was very nice and I love your flowers. I am thankful for the rain as soon as it gets here. 🙂 We just have clouds so far.


  2. I'm glad you decided to leave us a little note before you left on your trip. Wishing you good days.

    Spring is coming up beautifully at your house. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Beautiful pictures. I hope things slow down again soon, and that you especially have a restorative trip. The seasons, I think, are such a grace, especially in times when we need more grace than usual. Blessings.


  4. I'm surprised that you have so many things blooming since you're so much farther north than we are. You must be in a temperate micro-climate? Have a wonderful get away and come home refreshed and ready to tackle those dishes!


  5. Yes, through the lovliness of Spring the sad things others are experiencing at this time of Lent do affect us. Our spring flowers are just up and encouraging us to think the grey of winter is almost over, though I don't mind the grey, either! Each Season has it's own encouragements and refreshments…hope you and Mr Glad enjoy your “time off” to gather beauty.


  6. I ♥ that picture of you and the other women with the prosphora bread! The rain, pouring, as it seems, giving us too much in life, is good, better than nothing.


  7. Hopefully, the trip was relaxing and refreshing and you both came back renewed to do the work God has set before you. The older couple both look like they have a twinkle in their eye and a great sense of humor. I bet those laps have cuddled many a hurt.


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