Rim Fire

A couple of people have asked if the Rim Fire in California is threatening us. We are north of San Francisco Bay, and the city of San Francisco is mentioned frequently in news reports because much of its water comes from the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, and the fire has burned right up to the reservoir. But all of this is hundreds of miles away.The governor has declared a state of emergency for San Francisco because of its water supply being threatened. Also it is served by hydroelectric plants at Hetch Hetchy, and they have been closed at present.

map of Rim Fire

This map shows yesterday’s updates. I pasted a copy of it here but you really can’t see it unless you click on the link, and if you zoom in on it there you can see the name Hetch Hetchy toward the upper right. I don’t know if it will still be available when more new reports come in today and later, but it was definitely helpful to me to have the visual aid. Dear Lord, protect the firefighters and give them success.


5 thoughts on “Rim Fire

  1. What a treat to come and visit… all that baking I could feast my eyes upon with nary a calorie to add to my waistline. It all looks so delicious.

    I was sorry to hear about the fire in your part of the world. And yes, I add my own prayer for protection and success. I did also pray for rain.


  2. Wildfires are so scary. I live in an area where the threat of wildfires is very real and have seen many over the years. I also wish the firefighters the best of circumstances.


  3. I'm so glad you shared the photos. I spent a bit of time the other day trying to find something just like them so I could get a handle on where exactly the fires were located. Glad you are far, far away.


  4. When I think of the times we have stood in awe of just one tree in the mountains….it is really incomprehensible. And the animals..

    Protection and blessings on all those who are standing and fighting the fires. I spoke with a family member in Reno and the air there is much impacted and the central valley air too.


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