We walked into a startling trap.


with my firstborn

The supreme adventure is being born. There we do walk suddenly into a splendid and startling trap… When we step into the family, by the act of being born, we do step into a world which is incalculable, into a world which has its own strange laws, into a world which could do without us, into a world we have not made. In other words, when we step into the family we step into a fairy-tale.

–G.K. Chesterton in Heretics

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10 thoughts on “We walked into a startling trap.

  1. Can I say it? What a wonderful, joyful photo… and beautiful child (and mother, too!). There will be a round two in our family now that our firstborn is married… but not yet. Waaaaay hard to wait and act patiently. Didn't understand my grandfather back in the day… and he wasn't shy in looking for a great grandchild, but boy do I understand him better now! Great quote. Thanks so much.

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  2. I loved your picture, in fact I got tears in my eyes. It was so worth it all to start a family and the quote from Chesterton says it so well.

    I am so very thankful for that first baby that totally changed me from what I thought I wanted to be.

    I love the absolute joy on both of your faces, I am so glad someone captured it. Not to mention I love your long hair.

    Thank you for sharing.

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